Which Would You Like Better?

  • 10% Conversions (1 out of 10 people buys)

  • A 66% Increase In Buyers?

If you picked the second one, a 66% increase in buyers, you are not alone.

However, the 66% increase in buyers only took the conversions from 3% to 5% -- that is, only 1 person in 20 bought.


Judy wrote our sales landing page, and straight out of the box it's getting better than 10% conversion rate.

Now she's tweaking it and upping it even more.

You can imagine how pleased our JV partners are!!!

Sarah Hurty,

But, if you don't have any conversions to compare to, what would be the comparison?

May 15, 2007 I Made a tentative trade to re-do an order page for another copywriter's course. I just asked if he was open to trade, so he could have decided it wasn't a fair trade...but he did.

"Wow, nice work Judy. You really went over and above on this one. I especially like the countdown timer--adds to the urgency.

I might tweak a phrase or a font here and there, but other than that I'm diggin' it!"

-- anonymous copywriter,
from pm on Michel Fortin's Copywriter's Board

When asked what his conversions were at first, he said 3%, and, later, when asked after using my order page, he said his conversions were around 5%. That would be a 66% increase.

Would you like a sales page written, or an order page re-written?

Or maybe you'd just like to start out with a copy critique?

"Your critique has stuck in my mind since I saw it,
and is probably THE reason why I've been quote-unquote unhappy with the copy I've purchased since."

from a recent pm I've received


Even copywriters benefit from my critiques...

July 11, 2007 (Unsolicited)

"...it looks awesome. I really like your crits because every explanation you give makes sense to me. "

-- Bruce Wedding, Winner of Gary Ambrose' Copywriting Competition, June 2007

June 28, 2007 When asked if her unsolicited comments could be used, she added the last phrase...

"...you have quite the eagle eye...

I've never seen a more keen eye for detail. "

-- Beth Ann Erickson,
veteran copywriter & copywriting instructor

Internet Marketers agree...

July 05, 2007 When asked if his unsolicited comments could be used, he revised what he wrote slightly:

"...I thank you very much ...

You pointed out some wording that i never realized would have hurt my sales.

Your critique was very through and detailed, I could tell you really looked into the page.

You are quite the professional... "

-- Michael D. Price, Warrior Forum

July 11, 2007 When asked if his unsolicited comments could be used, he revised what he wrote slightly (this was for a copy critique)

"WOW Judy!

All of your points are true GEMS !

... Judy really OVER DELIVERED ... the depth and detail that she provided was AMAZING !

If I knew that I were going to get this quality of information ahead of time I would have paid at least $200 ... even though I believe the pointers I received are Priceless and I am sure they will assist me in achieving my goals.

Judy asked me in the email ...

"Does this help?" and the only thing I could say along with many superlatives is ... THIS is of tremendous VALUE & help ! "

-- Rob Gat, aka "Ron_G"


Whether you'd like...

  • sales letter written from scratch
  • a sales letter re-written,
  • a mini-salesletter written
  • Full Copy Critique and Review - $297
  • Copy Consultation 1:1 -- $97/Hr
  • Funnel Consultation - $97/Hr
  • Emails - $150/per --want a series? Contact me
  • My "el cheapo" 3 point hit-list custom for your sales page ($99) (Someone wrote me asking to re-write their sales page. I dropped them note back with 3 suggestions. They dropped money in my paypal account and decided they didn't need a re-write any longer!)
  • autoresponder series written
  • testing and tracking setup and consultation
  • Website profit critique ($199 -- where to plug holes in your sales process...)
  • Write your own Sales Letter with expert copywriting "hand holding" with my "Sweat Equity Sales Letter" Program. for far less than hiring a copywriter -- and learn copywriting techniques you can use over and over again...
  • to enter my apprentice program
  • ...other copy? other profit strategies?

Special Note -- Uncertain? Why not try the 3 point hit-list to start? Any fees for smaller projects will be deducted from fees for the same project, if you want more...

just drop me a line at (NOT a link)

Hope to hear from you soon,

NextDay Copy


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Ms. Kettenhofen was part of Harlan Kilstein's elite copywriting coaching program, John Carlton's Inner Circle and a member of Michel Fortin's CopyDoctor. She also invested $5000 in Gary Bencivenga's Retirement Seminar DVDs.

She has been a part of a number of high-level Internet Marketing Coaching programs and has friends among well-known marketers and up-and-coming marketers alike. She likes helping others to get started.

Along with her background in hypnosis and nlp, she has an extensive background working with software companies in Silicon Valley as well as pursuing medically-related education.

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